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Information You May Need One Day

Things You Might Need When Your Standard Poodle Puppy Comes Home

This is a Suggested Supply List—and a list of Grooming Care items that I would recommend you get with your new puppy.  It is not necessary to purchase everything, but these are items I have on hand to help care for my dogs.  There are basics in the first group with some links.  In the Grooming Section, you may not need all these items.  If you decide to try grooming on your own, these are the tools I use most and links to Amazon where you can find most of the items.

  • Food

Your puppy has been weaned on Victor Super Premium Dog Food Classic High Pro Plus (teal colored bag).  You can find the dog food HERE. At 8 weeks old they can eat 2 or 3 times per day.  They are eating approximately 1-1 ½ Cups at each feeding.  I will be giving you a 2-3 day supply to get you started.  It is important that your puppy gets all the nutrients she needs for proper development.  There are many high-quality puppy foods that should be fine.  This is a subject your veterinarian is able to discuss with you. If you are switching to another kind of food than what the puppy is eating, please slowly switch them over a period of 7-10 days.

  • Crate

Your puppy will be introduced to a crate before you take her home.  We recommend getting a 36 or 42 inch crate with a divider.  This way, you can gradually increase her space as she grows and won’t have to buy several crates.  This will aid you greatly when you are potty training your new puppy.  You can remove the dividers as the puppy grows.  This is the type crate I use.

  • Exercise Pen

An exercise pen keeps the puppy contained in a limited area while he is learning manners for living in your home.  It also gives him more freedom than his crate, yet keeps him safe and confined to certain areas of your home when you can’t keep your eyes on him at all times.  There are many on the market and they can be purchased from most pet stores or online stores.  I recommend a 40 inch Height, this is an exercise pen that I use. 

  • Age Appropriate Toys

Your puppy will need several age appropriate toys.  These are important for proper development and exercise and are great bonding items for you and your puppy.  Toys also help with teething.  Pick up several toys for your new puppy and be sure to check the package for age appropriateness.  Most pet stores have an abundance of these items.

  • Collar & 6 Foot Leash

As soon as your puppy gets curious enough not to come back to you when he is outside, off leash, it’s time to consider a collar.  A belt collar with a buckle similar to that on a belt is great to hold his tags.  Look for a leash that is comfortable to hold while being sturdy enough to keep the dog secure.  We do NOT recommend a retractable leash.

  • Treats

Every dog loves treats!  And they are great training tools.   I like to give Medium Size Milk Bones to all my dogs at bedtime.  For training treats, mine like The Blue Buffalo Co. “Bits” Soft Moist Training Treats.  Beef or Chicken flavor.  These are great training treats, also recommended are Red Barn beef or Hungry Howie’s pet food rolls, but any treat your puppy likes will be fine.  Red Barn Beef Rolls, 3 lb.  You will need to slice then dice them.  It will yield about a gallon bag of treats for under $10.  Amazon has these in stock.

  • Food & Water Bowls

Because puppies like to chew, stainless steel is good.

  • ID Tags

Just in case he gets lost.  You can get these engraved with his name, address, and phone number at almost any pet store.

  • Grooming Care “In Between” Visits to Groomer 
  • 1) Chris Christensen Slicker Brush—Yes, you will think I am crazy to spend this much on a brush, but you will never look back.  I won’t recommend any other after using this one.  It’s THAT good!  It will do the job on your poodle’s hair. I have purchased one with 10 dogs using regularly for several years. They don’t wear out quickly.
  • 2) Greyhound comb – Use it often.  Go ahead and get 2.  
  • 3) Dremel Lite for nails.  
  • 4) Shernbao Dog Dryer High Velocity Professional
  • 5) Andis Excel. Pro-Animal 5 Speed Detachable Blade Clipper Kit
  • 6) Wahl Professional Animal Mini Arco Corded/Cordless Pet, Dog, Cat, and Horse Trimmer Kit
  • Kuranda Bed

We highly recommend these raised beds for your new puppy. Follow the link below for more information.

  • Raising The Empowered Puppy

Raising The Empowered Puppy, a how-to guide that will revolutionize how you raise your dog. Discover the secrets to empowering your puppy, helping them become a confident and well-adjusted adult. Whether you’ve acquired from a breeder, rescue, or shelter, this book is an essential guide for any new puppy owner. Dive into practical methods to understand and cater to your puppies’ specific needs, nurturing their natural abilities. 

Below we will include some Information and Resources you may need in your life with your  Standard Poodle.

Poodle Ears and Ear Infections

This is an excellent article on how to prevent and treat ear infections.  Poodles do have a tendency to get ear infections due to the shape of the ear and the fact that hair grows deep inside the ear canal.

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